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Newman Tours provides public, private and tailored tours in and around Shanghai, Beijing and Xi’an. Our clients include tourists and expats, couples and families, businesses, clubs and schools from all over the world. We pride ourselves on tailoring our tours to meet our clients’ interests.

In June 2016 Newman Tours made it five years in a row, when we were awarded a 2016 Certificate Of Excellence for our Tours. Newman Tours are led by experienced western English speaking guides with extensive China experience that speak Mandarin. Newman Tours research their tours using Chinese and English resources to ensure the best possible content. All tours are then led by native English speakers to ensure clarity.

Newman Tours are great fun, and make use of both humour and exciting cultural activities, that include Water Calligraphy, Chinese Fortune Sticks, and Chopstick Pickpocketing. We use iPads to enhance our tours with illustrative photos, videos, and interactive games including Chinese Chess and Astrology Readings.