DavidDavid hails from Portland, Maine, USA and is proud to be from the land of lobsters and great skiing. His love of language learning and lifelong goal of living in China ultimately led him to pack up his worldly possessions and take the plunge.

David’s adventures in the Orient began in 2013 when he settled in Shanghai to begin teaching, and found himself falling in love with an ever-changing city.

He’s still not quite sure whether it is the hustle and bustle, the street food aromas, or the soaring skyline that enchants him the most. One thing is for sure, he loves to share Chinese culture, history, and stories with as many visitors as possible. That is what led him to join the team at Newman Tours.

When he isn’t giving tours, David can be found exploring the culinary delights of the city, playing music, or brushing up on his Chinese reading and writing.