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Born in Italy, Roberta has always been passionate about foreign languages. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, and in doing so she has acquired fluent English, conversational Chinese and French, as well as basic German.

During her journeys, Roberta always enjoys getting to experience the local cuisine and always asks the locals around for bits of advice on where to get the most authentic food experience. Her favourite dish in China is Sweet and Sour Pork (糖醋里脊, tangculiji).

At University Roberta focused on developing a deeper understanding of Chinese language and culture by obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Chinese at the University of Venice. Her thesis was “An Overview of Ideology on Resilience in China”, and she is also particularly interested in ancient Chinese characters.

After enrolling in an internship with a travel agency in Northern Ireland, Roberta discovered her interest in marketing and the Chinese tourist industry. She focused in particular on destination Wedding holidays, but also researched the needs of the Chinese customers abroad.

As a result of her excellent work in Ireland, Roberta was headhunted by Newman Tours. Working for us, she not only leads a wide range of tours in and around Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Xi’an; but also plays a leading role in our Marketing and Human Resources departments.

Roberta particularly enjoys leading the Beijing Hutong Tour, the Shanghai Museum Tour, and the Xi’an City Wall Tour. She loves talking about China’s rich history, and discussing how Chinese ancient beliefs are still influencing and shaping Chinese decisions today.

During her free time, Roberta loves travelling around, chilling out with friends, listening to music, and playing volleyball.