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Hutong Tour

Newman Tours are available throughout the October national holiday. So if you’re staying in China during guoqingjie, then why not book one of the following off the beaten path tours so that you can avoid the crowds: Shanghai Jewish Ghetto Tour Beijing Hutong Tour Shanghai French Concession Tour Beijing Ghost Tour Shanghai Gangster Tour Beijing … Read more


Newmantours.com正在寻找20多岁和30多岁的男性和女性演员 在以下短片中,他们都在上海和北京制作: 1)功夫喜剧关于扒手和骗子。 2)关于黑帮,鸦片,双重诡计的短片。 3)殖民商人的故事,他渴望冒险的经历掩盖了他的道德判断。 我们有部分中国和外国演员,我们欢迎业余爱好者和专业人士的申请。 会说英文和中文将是一个优势,但我们也会考虑申请者只能讲这些语言的其中之一。 这是一个与国际演员和制作团队合作的机会,并获得在中国和国外的曝光。 感兴趣的申请人应该发送简历和微信发送至,电子邮件地址为“代理申请”。还请让我们知道几个不同的时间,我们可以在微信视频面试。

Architect I. M. Pei’s Most Personal Project: Suzhou Museum Documentary

I. M. Pei is most famous for designing Le Grand Louvre in Paris, but his most personal work is arguably found in his ancestral home of Suzhou. In this video you will therefore discover how the legendary Pritzker Prize winning Chinese-American architect created a modern rendition of traditional Chinese architecture when designing the Suzhou Museum. … Read more

Political Pandering – Soft (& Fluffy) Panda Power Video

Did you know that pandas have been used for political diplomacy for hundreds of years? That’s right, ever since Emperor Wu Zetian gave Japan a giant panda in the 7th century AD, the Chinese have recognised the political potential of their cutest bear. But how long do pandas mate for, why don’t twin pandas both … Read more