Chengdu Excursion


Chengdu is an exquisite area of China famed for its spicy food and its pandas. Traditionally known as the ‘Country of Heaven’, or China’s ‘land of milk and honey’, the Chengdu Plain has supported a culture since the Bronze Age – even before the advent of China’s dynastic history.

During this tour you will see the famous Chengdu giant pandas at feeding time and learn about the work the facility undertakes; eat a delicious Chinese lunch at a specially selected restaurant; visit the ancient Wenshu Buddhist Monastery; witness some of China’s finest contemporary art in the Thousand Plateaus Art Space; and as an optional extra you can watch Sichuan’s unique brand of Chinese opera.


  • Your native English speaking guide will collect you in the morning at a location in Chengdu of your choosing with a Chinese chauffeur and private vehicle with air-conditioning and seatbelts.
  • Drive to the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. There you will behold these adorable animals up close and watch them at feeding time. The Research Base is a world-class facility whose pandas have been the topic of international news.
  • The tour will guide you through the pandas’ development from the adorable cubs to the playful adolescents, and finally to the magnificent adults.
  • After being delighted all morning by the pandas, you will enjoy a delicious lunch at a specially selected Sichuanese restaurant.
  • Visit the Wenshu Monastery, whose history stretches back to the Tang Dynasty. Marvel at the hundreds of statues on display.
  • Check out some of China’s finest contemporary art in A Thousand Plateaus Art Space and see modern takes on a millennia-old artistic tradition.
  • As an optional extra you can watch a Sichuan opera, the province’s own thriving tradition of Chinese opera, and be amazed at the acrobatics, face-changing tricks and fire-breathing.
  • Be driven to a finishing point of your choosing.

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