Shaolin Excursion


Shaolin Temple is a destination whose history is just as richly fascinating as its martial traditions. From its humble beginnings as a sutra writing center, it went on to develop a unique martial tradition intended to enhance meditation. Later on it became the wealthiest temple in China under the patronage of the country’s one and only female Emperor; and during both the Tang and Ming Dynasty, its monks were rewarded for using their martial skills to fight both warlords and pirates.

Newman Tours have developed a unique tour of Shaolin and the surrounding Song Shan Mountains that will not only enable tou to hear its many legends and learn about its history, but will also allow you to see Shaolin monks demonstrating their skills and try your hand at Kung Fu and its applications.

The content of this tour has been developed by Daniel Newman, who first studied at Shaolin in 2000, and has not only trained at Taoist and Buddhist temples all over China, but has also written a soon to be published book on Shaolin Kung Fu.

So if you want a guided tour of Shaolin then make sure you book it with a copany that has first hand experience of studying the temple’s history and practicing its martial traditions.


  • Your native English speaking guide will pick you up with out Chinese chauffeur and private vehicle from wherever you like in Zhengzhou.
  • On your way to Shaolin Temple and the Songshan Mountains your native English speaking guide will give you an overview of the evolution of Chinese martial arts. From the ingenious tactics used during the Warring States Era to the propanderous battles against “marauding Japanese pirates” during the Ming Dynasty, get an overview of where the story of Shaolin Temple fits with the bigger picture.
  • Upon arriving at Shaolin, begin your Kung Fu pilgrimage with a visit to the legendary cave of Wuru Feng where the Indian monk, Bodhidharma is said to have dwelt for nine years. Whilst there, discover the many legends about what he is said to have discovered whilst in isolation.
  • Head to Shaolin Temple, where your native English speaking guide will explain the stories behind the beautiful murals that decorate the temple’s walls.
  • See where in Shaolin Temple He Shen cut off his arm to prove his sincerity, and discover how the monks of Shaolin honor this action on a daily basis.
  • Learn the tricks of the trade that make the monks of Shaolin look as if they have superhuman powers, and then let your guide take some photos that will make you look like a Supreme Grang Master.
  • Gaze in wonder at the hidden footprints stamped into the back halls of Shaolin Temple, and find out why they were forced to practice in secret for so many years.
  • Witness the rock into which Bodhidharma is said to have left an impresion, and find out why he introduced Indian boxing techniques to help stop the monks of Shaolin from falling asleep.
  • See some real Shaolin Monks in action as they perform some of their most famous martial techniques. In doings so, see if you can guess which Chinese animals they are mimicking.



Shaolin Excursion Adults Children under 14
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