Tianjin Tour

Tianjin Tour


On this five hour tour we will take you to Tianjin’s former concessionary district, introducing you to the exciting and turbulent colonial years of China’s history whilst seeing the best examples of colonial architecture, including the famous superbly restored Astor Hotel interior. We will walk you through Tianjin’s charming neighbourhoods and learn about China’s renowned warlords, treating you to a delicious Chinese lunch before finally visiting The Last Emperor of China’s former residence.


  • Travel to Tianjin on the bullet train and hear an overview of its history on the way.
  • Stroll through Tianjin’s beautifully restored French and British Former Concessions and learn more about this Treaty Port’s rich colonial history.
  • Hear about the war torn 1920s and see where the infamous warlords of this era lived.
  • Enjoy a delicious Tianjianese lunch on a quiet and charming corner of town.
  • See where the Last Emperor of China was exiled after being banished from the Forbidden City.
  • Return to Beijing on the bullet train.
Find out who used to live in this immense villa.

Pricing (Chinese renminbi per person)

(5 hours)
1 guest 4690
2 guests 2480
3 guests 1740
4 or more guests 1380

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TripAdvisor Reviews

Media Reviews

“Will tell you folk stories known only to natives”
Christie Lee, China Daily

“Plenty of fascinating historical information”
John Sunyer, Time Out

Tianjin Tour Follow Up

Guests on the Tianjin Tour will receive a follow up email featuring informative and entertaining links including the following:

  • Interesting links to more information on the colonial architecture visited during this trip
  • Documentaries that further explore China and Tianjin’s colonial history