Two Day Tailored Huangshan Tour

Two Day Tailored Huangshan Tour


Huangshan, literally translated as Yellow Mountain, has long been the subject of famous Chinese painters and romantic Chinese writers, it’s stunning and unique scenery of towering granite peaks and thick pine trees fueling the imaginations of many. Today this mountain still attracts many photographers and artists, as well as tourists who seek to experience the mountain range first hand.

Our recommended two day excursion includes taking a bubble car up the lower half of Huangshan and then finishing the ascent by foot. After descending Huangshan, your guide will then take you to the famous Nine Dragons Waterfall and a beautiful nearby water town. If you need an escape from the hustle and bustle of China’s cities, this is the trip for you.


Day One


  • Arrive in the nearby town, enjoy some breakfast in a nearby restaurant before making the journey in your private vehicle to Huangshan.


  • Take a bubble car up the first section of this stunning mountain range.
  • Start the ascent to the peak of the Yellow Mountains.
  • Stop to catch your breath and hear your Newman Tours’ guide explain how the mountains were originally formed.
  • Stop for a well earned lunch on your way up to the peak.
  • Continue your climb up Huangshan, and as you do so, learn about the flora and fauna you see from your guide.
  • Pose for a triumphant group photo at the peak of the Huangshan mountain range.
  • Make your way to your chosen hotel.


  • Enjoy a Chinese dinner in your hotel.
  • Enjoy a well deserved night’s sleep in your hotel.

Day Two


  • Wake up early to admire the site of the sun rising over  Huangshan.
  • Eat breakfast in your hotel whilst enjoying the view.
  • Take coach to see the stunning Nine Dragon Waterfall.
  • Take coach to nearby ancient water town, Hongcun.


  • Enjoy lunch in the water town’s best Chinese restaurant.
  • Explore Hongcun, a water town with a history that dates back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279AD) and learn about its innovative water engineering solutions.
  • Enjoy your own private Chinese painting master class from a local Chinese artist.
  • Having finished your class, choose a picturesque part of the town to try and sketch with materials provided by your Newman Tours guide.
  • Take a coach to a restaurant of your choice for dinner.


  • Enjoy a Chinese dinner during which prizes will be given out for both your Flora & Fauna and Chinese Painting efforts.
  • Take private vehicle to your choice of airport or railway station.


(All prices in Chinese Renminbi per guest)

Tailored (two 9-hour days)
1 guest 10500
2 guests 5970
3 guests 4550
4 or more guests 3800

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Media Reviews

“Will tell you folk stories known only to natives”
Christie Lee, China Daily

“Informative and fun with a twist”
Claudine Harris, Shanghai Daily

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