Zhujiajiao Excursion


During this six hour excursion, we will take you to a beautifully preserved canal town just one hour’s drive from Shanghai. Here you will see the traditional Chinese gardens of Kezhi Yuan, take a gondola along the canal that brought the town into existence, see the town’s City God Temple, and enjoy a delicious local lunch.


  • Drive to Zhujiajiao in minibus and hear an overview of its history as you near your destination.
  • Visit the traditional Chinese gardens of Kezhi Yuan and learn about the lifestyle of the wealthy salt merchant that had it built.
  • Take a canal boat through the scenic town of Zhujiajiao and learn how the Grand Canal brought wealth and commerce to Southern China. Then, if you’re feeling adventurous, have a go at propelling your own canal boat (it’s a lot harder than it looks).
  • Visit Zhujiajiao’s City God Temple, learn about Taoist philosophy, meet your own personal Taoist Protective Deity and learn how to use a magic Giving Up Basin.
  • Enjoy a delicious local lunch in the finest restaurant in Zhujiajiao.
  • Drive back to Shanghai in minibus.

Price (Chinese renminbi per person)

Zhujiajiao Tour Adults Children under 14
Private (6 hr) 990 690

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