Fast Track Programme

Fast Track Programme


Newman Tours is currently offering paid “Tour Industry Training Programmes” to native English speakers capable of leading and managing our informative and entertaining tours in and around Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai.

As these accounts from both current and past Training Programme graduates show, working for Newman Tours is an exciting and rewarding experience that will enable you to improve your Chinese, lead a wide range of tours in several of the world’s most dynamic cities, develop transferable skills that will serve you well throughout your career, and expose you to all the day-to-day challenges of helping run a business in an extremely hands-on way.

We accept applications all year round and offer flexible scheduling that enables you to choose whether to work three, four or five days a week. So what are you waiting for? Send us the application materials described below for your chance to gain a unique career development opportunity in the tour industry and business management in China.

About Newman Tours

Newman Tours was established in 2010 by British entrepreneur Daniel Newman. Having graduated from the University Of Cambridge with an MPhil in Modern Chinese Studies, Daniel had lived, worked and studied in China since 2000. But during this time he had noticed that there was a distinct lack of quality information available at China’s many great historical sites. For this reason he set up Newman Tours so that people like himself who are passionate about Chinese history and culture could develop and lead tours that would enhance everyone’s understanding of the Middle Kingdom.

Having started with just a French Concession Tour and Ghost Tour in Shanghai, Newman Tours have since gone on to develop forty unique tours all over China. To provide these tours, we have full time employees based in Shanghai, Beijing, and Xi’an. We are, however, still a small and friendly company, and every member of our team not only helps to lead tours, but is also involved in marketing the company and helping us grow.

We’re unique thanks to our eloquent, expert, and easy-to-understand native English speaking guides. Our tours are not only well-researched, but also bring history to life with videos and photos on our iPads, and activities like chopsticks pick-pocketing, tobogganing down from the Great Wall, and even ghost weddings! As a result, we’re highly recommended by tourists, expats, schools, corporate clients, and the media (click here to see our customers’ reviews on Tripadvisor, and click here to see reviews written by the media). As a result, we have received TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence in Shanghai and Beijing for the last four years running (click here to learn more about our awards and find out what else makes us special.)

We do tours for all sorts of interesting people, ranging from academics to businessmen, and from families to backpackers. We’ve done corporate tours for CEOs, Partners, Directors and Senior Managers from some of the world’s leading companies. Recent clients include Google, BP, Rio Tinto, Apple, Senior Partners for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the Board Of Directors for Dash Brands, and the Ambassadors of Iraq and Costa Rica.

We’ve developed the following great tours in and around Shanghai, Beijing, and Xi’an, which you’ll be paid to learn and lead:

Tours In & Around Beijing

Tours In & Around Xi’an

Tours In & Around Shanghai

Newman Tours' Team

What we require

  • Must be a native English speaker.
  • Applicants for these Tour Guide Executive Positions must be willing to work for Newman Tours for a minimum of six months.
  • The standard five-day working week of 40 hours will be Friday through to Tuesday or Wednesday through to Sunday. Selected applicants that sign contracts to work just three or four days a week should also preferably have availability over the weekends. Working hours will vary from 09:00 to 18:00 and 13:00 to 22:00 (with an hour for lunch or dinner) depending on tour scheduling. Given the nature of the Tour Guide industry, applicants will be expected to demonstrate a reasonable degree of flexibility in the scheduling of their work. There may also be some paid overtime when busy.
  • Must be enthusiastic, friendly and outgoing with a good knowledge of and interest in China’s history and culture.
  • Must be willing to stand up and make presentations to strangers.
  • Must be able to speak clearly and concisely and project your voice.
  • Must have a good memory in order to remember the facts of your tours.
  • Newman Tours also encourages its guides to interact and improvise with their audiences, so strong inter-personal skills, a good sense of humour and the ability to think on your feet are all extremely important.
  • Performance and Tour Industry experience as well as Mandarin Chinese and other language skills will also be advantageous. Stronger spoken Mandarin will be needed for the Beijing position.
  • Must have your own laptop computer that is reasonably fast, and be willing to use it for office work.
  • Must have a smart phone that is capable of running Wechat, taking photos, and recording audio.
  • Must have good organisational skills, phone manner, and Microsoft Office skills.
  • The ability to speak some Mandarin Chinese will be advantageous (especially for applicants that want to be based in Xi’an or Beijing).
  • SEO, web design, and Adobe Illustrator skills would also be advantageous.
  • Marketing experience would also be an advantage.


  • You’ll be paid 5500RMB per month for the first three months while you’re still learning the ropes, which enough to live in China. After that you will be paid 6000RMB per month for the second three months, then 7000RMB per month for the third three months, and then 8000 RMB per month for the final three months. All of the amounts stated are after tax so you also get to keep all of your salary.
  • On top of this, you will not only receive tips from guests, but will also get 15% of any revenue received from new clients who heard about Newman Tours from you for up to six months of that guest’s first tour taking place.
  • We appreciate moving to China can be expensive and daunting, so we’ll do everything we can to make the transition as easy as possible. For example, we’ll pay for and talk you through the Chinese visa application process, we’ll pay for your accommodation for up to seven days when you first arrive, and we can help you find and negotiate for your accommodation.
  • You will also receive 29 days of paid holiday over the course of your twelve month programme, which is far more than most employers offer in China (many companies in China only give employees the minimum requirement of 16 days paid holiday per year).
  • For those that want to improve their Chinese, we offer cost price classes with our language learning partner, Panda Chinese (currently 50rmb for 50 minutes).
  • Many of our tours feature meals, drinks and refreshments that enable our Tour Guides to experience some of the best restaurants and bars in town free of charge.
  • As well as learning and leading a wide range of our exciting tours, you’ll gain experience in marketing, sales, design, human resources, accounting, and business administration.
  • Last but not least, if you impress during your time with Newman Tours, then we can offer you a full-time position.

How to apply

Please send your application to with the heading “Fast-Track Programme” containing the following:

  • An English-language CV.
  • Specify in your cover email whether you’d like to work in Xi’an, Beijing, or Shanghai, or whether you’d be happy in any of these three cities.
  • Specify in your email whether you would like three, four or five days a week contract.
  • An audio recording approximately one minute in length introducing yourself and explaining why you think you would be a good candidate for the position.
  • Please also specify your WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook Web page Address so that we will have some alternative means of contacting you.
  • Please also specify three separate times that you will be available between 09:00 and 18:00 (Chinese time) for a potential first round interview.

The application deadline for people wishing to start in March or April is 1st February.

The application deadline for people wishing to start in November or December is 1st October