Christopher’s Experience at Newman Tours

I moved to China in 2010 planning to work for a few years. I used to be a teacher but wanted to work at something significant for my future. I was really excited to join Newman Tours in 2011 because it is an expanding company. Even when I was an intern I was helping run the business from the bottom up. Not only guiding tours, but also running the office, managing guest relations, researching tours, and participating in planning company development.

I have now gained experience in a wide range subjects that are vital to my career with time spent learning HR, marketing, and technical support via programs such as Adobe Illustrator and iWeb. Most of all, my time at Newman Tours has seen me advance from an intern, to full time officer, and now I am managing the Newman Tours office in Beijing that we opened last year! It has been very exciting watching the company grow every season.

Also, it has been an amazing opportunity to work here in some of the most important cities in Asia and China. I have worked with VIP guests in the finest hotels in Shanghai, visited and now teach others about the little known history of China, and have had more hands on experience running a start up than I ever dreamed of.