Luke’s Experience at Newman Tours

If I had to use one word to sum up my experience at Newman Tours, I would use the word ‘variety’.

Doing the Newman Tours Fast Track programme has given me one of the most varied experiences I’ve ever received from a job. The main focus was of course leading tours, but I also got to participate in many different aspects of the business. The great thing was that I was given a good deal of flexibility on which responsibilities I took over, either based on what I could already do well or on what I wanted to learn. This ensured that I never felt out of my depth but was still constantly challenged to learn new skills.

Despite my background being in something completely different with no prior formal experience in public speaking, I was quickly able to deliver speeches to a high standard thanks to the rigorous and focused training that I received. After the training I received, I truly felt able to share my passion for Chinese history and culture in an enthusiastic and authoritative way.

When I was not doing tours, one of the big roles I was involved in was administration. I would reply to customer enquiries, whether by phone or by email, and learn the most effective methods to close a sale.

Daniel is good at recognising one’s talents and passions. Recognising my penchant for tech, one of the most exciting aspects of the internship for me was the chance to test my technical skills by maintaining and improving our current website and technical systems.If you really want to work in China and really experience China, the Newman Tours fast track programme is probably the best thing for you.