Part Time Tour Guide


Newman Tours is currently looking for part-time native English speaking Tour Leaders to help lead and market tours in and around Beijing.

About Newman Tours

Newman Tours is a British-managed tour guide company that offers the following informative and entertaining tours in and around Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an:

What makes Newman Tours special is our easy to understand native English speaking guides; the way in which we bring our tours to life with illustrative photos and video clips on our iPads; and the way in which we use Chinese cultural activities like water calligraphy and fortune sticks to make the experiences we offer interactive and inclusive. As a result we are not only highly thought of by tourists, expats and corporate clients alike (click here to see their reviews), but are also highly acclaimed by the media (click here for media reviews). Last but not least we recently made it three years in a row, when we were awarded a 2014 Certificate Of Excellence for our Public, Private and Tailored Tours (click here to learn about our awards).

Part Time Tour Leaders for Beijing and Xi’an

Newman Tours is currently offering Part Time Tour Leader Opportunities to native English speakers in Beijing.

Newman Tours is currently offering Part Time Tour Leading Opportunities to native English speakers in Xi’an.

Part Time Tour Leaders will report to Newman Tours’ Managing Director, Daniel Newman, under whose direction they will be responsible for preparing, leading and documenting tours.

These Part Time Tour Leader positions will give selected applicants the chance to lead exciting tours in and around Beijing, greatly develop their knowledge of Chinese history and culture, further enhance their interpersonal and public speaking skills, and grow their understanding of tour industry operating systems.

Hours & Duration

This Part Time Xi’an Tour Leader position is available on an ad hoc basis.

Given the nature of the tour guide industry, applicants will also be expected to demonstrate a reasonable degree of flexibility in the scheduling of their work, and will need to have good availability on weekends and weekday evenings.

If you are a native English speaker and would prefer a full time position then please click here to read about our twelve month Shanghai and Beijing Fast Track Executive Programme.

Wages & Benefits

  • Having received complimentary training, Part Time Leaders will be invited to jointly lead tours with a Newman Tours’ colleague, so that they can become accustomed with how best to   present their tours. This initial work will be paid at a rate of 50rmb per hour.
  • Once Part Time Leaders are deemed ready to lead a tour by themselves then they will initially be paid 100rmb per hour to lead tours by themselves.
  • The rate of pay for Part Time Leaders will increase to 120rmb per hour after they have led five solo tours, and 140rmb per hour after they have led twenty solo tours.
  • 15% of any tour guide revenue (not including airplane fees, accommodation fees, and tax invoices) received from any new clients who acknowledge the employee as the person from whom they first heard about Newman Tours during a period of six months from the date of that guest’s first tour taking place.
  • Tour Leaders will also be permitted to keep any tips they are given specifically for themselves and divide tips that guests tell them should be shared with their fellow tour guides. During peak seasons, some of our guides have made in excess of 800RMB in a single month from tips.
  • Some of our tours feature meals, drinks and refreshments that enable our Tour Leaders to experience some of the best restaurants and bars in town free of charge.
  • Part Time Tour Leaders may also be offered a full time position and salary if they demonstrate excellent potential.
  • Lead tours in Beijing that take in stunning locations that include the Forbidden City, Lama Temple, Hutongs, Houhai, the Great Wall, and the Summer Palace.
  • Lead corporate tours for CEOs, Partners, Directors and Senior Managers from some of the world’s leading companies. Recent corporate clients include senior figures from Google, BP, Rio Tinto, Novartis, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
  • Meet interesting and influential guests from all over the world ranging from academics and business people to backpackers and doctors.
  • Polish your public speaking skills by telling engaging stories to people of all ages.


  • Successful applicants will be invited to come on training sessions for the Beijing tours that we offer.
  • During tour training, successful applicants will begin learning the content of our tour
  • In addition, successful applicants will learn excellent public speaking skills to help them ensure the tours they go on to lead will be informative and entertaining.


  • Must be a native English speaker.
  • Must be planning to live in Bejing for at least the next two years.
  • Must be enthusiastic, friendly and outgoing.
  • Must demonstrate a reasonable understanding of and interest in China’s history and culture.
  • Must be willing to stand up and make presentations to strangers
  • Must be able to speak clearly and concisely and project your voice.
  • Must have a good memory with which to remember the facts of your tours.
  • Newman Tours also encourages its guides to interact and improvise with their audiences, so strong inter-personal skills, a good sense of humour, and the ability to think on your feet are all extremely important.
  • Performance and Tour Guide experience as well as Mandarin Chinese and other language skills will also be advantageous.

How to apply

To apply for these part-time Native English Speaking Beijing Tour Leader position, please send an email containing the following to with the subject heading “Part-time Beijing Tour Leader Application.”

  • An up to date English CV highlighting any relevant work experience and qualifications.
  • A professional looking electronic passport sized photo.
  • A short cover email explaining what relevant qualities and experience you have for leading tours in Beijing.