Gangster Tour: The Shady Side Of Shanghai

Gangster Tour: The Shady Side Of Shanghai



Take a tour through Shanghai with a colonial gangster and learn about the crime lords who once ruled the city like kings. From “Big Eared” Du with his lucky monkey heads to “Pockmarked” Huang  and his police car drug distribution, get to know some of the early 20th century’s most powerful gangsters, and find out why you wouldn’t want to cross them.

We will also show you how to cheat when playing Black Jack and Craps and explain how colonial Shanghai’s casinos ensured they always came out on top.

And if hanging round criminal estates and learning how to cheat at Black Jack still hasn’t got your heart pumping fast enough then how about shooting some guns!?! That’s right, if you’re game for this optional extra, we’ll take you to a carefully chosen shooting range and let you participate in a Cops vs. Robbers Shooting Competition (archery is available as an alternative option upon request).

Discover this violent era of Shanghai’s past


  • Meet your guide from Shanghai’s colonial criminal underworld outside exit 3 of Changshu Road Metro Station (lines 7 & 1) 常熟地铁站三号出口.
  • Guests on the VIP Gangster Tour will have exclusive access to a set of colonial costumes and accessories that will get them in the mood for the Gangster Tour.
  • See where one of the richest opium dealers in Shanghai once lived and discover how he avoided jail time when he got caught.
  • Admire the house where one of Shanghai’s wealthiest banking families lived and find out how pedigree dogs brought a bloody end to it’s empire.
  • Visit the luxurious mansion presented to Shanghai’s most powerful Chinese criminal mastermind, “Big Eared” Du, and find out why he was treated with such reverence.
  • See the clubhouse in which “Big Eared” Du stored his opium, and find out how he prevented the police from arresting him.
  • Discover why “Big Eared” Du thought that monkey heads were the secret of his success.
  • Find out how to swindle your friends when playing Craps and Black Jack
  • See where the Chinese customs officer once lived, and discover why he was such a thorn in the side of “Big Eared” Du.
  • Guests on the VIP Gangster Tour will get the exclusive chance to see the old Jewish club and will learn about the discussions that took place inside its walls and changed the fate of Shanghai.
  • Visit the mansion that was built by a Dutch con-man who got away with daylight robbery and learn about the nasty fate of the opportunist that later took over the house.
  • See where the White Russians used to live and work, and find out why they outnumbered the French three to one in 1930s Shanghai.
  • Stroll past the former home of Chiang Kai Shek, and find out just how corrupt he really was.
  • Please click here to see the itinerary for the optional extra Shooting Competition

Getting There

The Standard Meeting Point for Public, Private & Select Gangster Tours is outside exit 3 of Changshu Road Metro Station (lines 7 & 1) near the junction between Huaihai Road and Huating Road 常熟路地铁站3号出口, 在淮海路靠近华亭路.



(All prices in Chinese Renminbi per guest)

(2 hours)
(2.5 hours)
1 guest 1120 1320
2 guests 590 700
3 guests 410 490
4 or more guests 330 390

Tour Types

Private Tours can be scheduled for your group at any time you like.
VIP Tours are led by Newman Tours’ most experienced guides, and guarantee the provision of an iPad to enhance the content of your tour. They can start at any time you want, and feature exclusive content described in red italics under the Tour Schedule section of this page.
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Colonial gangster guide
Enjoy learning with your very own colonial gangster guide!

What Our Guests Say

Mind your belongings around this pickpocketing expert!

What the Media Says

“If you’re fascinated by the opium-hazed glory years of Shanghai then this is for you. Delivered in-character, it’s equal parts fun and factual.”
Nick Taylor,

Gangster Tour Follow Up

Guests on the Gangster Tour will receive a follow up email featuring informative and entertaining links including the following:

  • More information on the most dangerous Shanghai gangsters
  • Discussions on how the gangster era shaped Shanghai
  • Information on which areas of Shanghai were gangster territory