Shooting Competition

Shooting Competition


Cops vs Robbers Shooting Competitions (1.5 hours) are an optional extra that include taxis to the shooting gallery and a 30 minute air gun shooting competition (or 10 bullets rifle and 24 arrows competition for those that wish to attend with children from the ages of 10 through to 17). Please note guests will need to bring their passports or photocopies thereof in order to be able to shoot.


(archery is available as an alternative option upon request)

  • Take a free taxi (private vehicles available upon request) to a shooting range just a short drive away from the bar in which you have been learning your gambling tricks.
  • Arrive at the shooting range, where your guide will tell you about the guns you will be firing, explain how to use them safely, and give you tips about how to get the best score possible.
  • Before the shooting begins, will be split you into two teams: the cops and the robbers.
  • Take a deep breath before squeezing those triggers. You have fifteen minutes shooting with an air pistol and fifteen minutes shooting with an air rifle, and your best five shots with each weapon will count towards your total score.
  • Count your score and get your guide to verify and add it to the all important scoreboard.
  • Drumroll please… it’s time to find who has won the competition.
  • No matter whether you were a hot shot detective or a wonky eyed gangster, you can take your targets home with you to remember a classic evening in Shanghai.
  • All guests on the Select Gangster Tour will be awarded prizes for the shooting competition (1st Place: Colonial Style Breast Pocket Watch, 2nd Place: Bullet Shaped Lighter, 3rd Place: Chinese Yin-Yang Balls; Everybody Else: Gangster Sunglasses)
  • Guests showing off their prizes after their Select Gangster Tour.
  • Learn how to shoot air guns with the right technique.
  • Learn how to fire accurately and safely with professional instructors.

Price (Chinese renminbi per person)

Cops vs. Robbers Shooting Competition Price per person
Private (1.5 hr) 320
Select (1.5 hr) 380

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