Shanghai Ghost Tour: The Good, The Bad And The Supernatural

Shanghai Ghost Tour: The Good, The Bad And The Supernatural



Dare you dance with the Paramount Theatre ghost? Will you summon up the courage to enter a pitch black grotto? And how fast will you run when the dragon stirs? Join us on our action packed Ghost Tour and find out just how brave you are as we take you to visit Jingan Temple’s Guardian Lions, explore an expat cemetery, and go in search of Shanghai’s long lost Bubbling Well.

And after all that ghost hunting you’re bound to be hungry, so why not also sign up for our Ghost Festival Dinner? As well as eating delicious Chinese food, you will also get to experience a unique Chinese tradition that involves inviting the dead to your dinner table, and having your fortune read by Chinese gods.

Shanghai’s one and only Ghost Tour makes for a unique and memorable evening out in Shanghai and is an absolute must for anybody that wants to understand Chinese superstition or enjoys a good old fashioned fright!

People of all ages welcome! The Ghost Tour is fun for the whole family.


  • Meet outside exit one of Jingan Temple Metro Station (lines 2 & 7), on the corner of Huashan Road and West Nanjing Road (静安寺地铁站一号出口, 华山路四十号, 靠近南京西路).
  • Visit Jingan Temple’s Guardian Lions and ask them for their protection against the evil spirits of the night.
  • Discover the identity of the two ghosts that haunt the Paramount Theatre and find out why you should always keep an eye on its fourth floor windows.
  • Guests on our Select Ghost Tour get the exclusive opportunity to learn about China’s bizarre bouncing zombies and have the chance to see a video of these scary creatures in action.
  • Explore Shanghai’s haunted back-streets and find out why the ghosts that haunt them are said to target foreigners.
  • Listen to the most famous ghost story in Shanghai in an eerily empty park.
  • Guests on the Select Ghost Tour will also get the chance to see the nameless teacher and learn about the fate that many like her faced in China’s tumultuous past.
  • Brace yourselves for a scare besides the charred remains of a burnt out hotel.
  • Find out why builders in Shanghai refuse to knock down an old colonial house.
  • Find out why shopping can be a dangerous pastime in Shanghai and view video footage of the city’s legendary granny ghost.
  • Enter Jingan Cemetry and ask a Tree Ghost for the winning lottery numbers.
  • Don’t walk too close to the edge as we go in search of China’s terrifying water ghosts.
  • Enter the depths of a pitch-black grotto in search of the Mad Abbot of the Bubbling Well.
  • Try your hand at some ancient Chinese water calligraphy and learn about how Emperors dealt with traitors.
  • On our Select Ghost Tour we ensure that each group has a second guide hiding around corners and in dark places to give everyone an extra scare.
  • Nobody will leave the Ghost Tour empty handed. Guests on our Public and Private Ghost Tours will receive a Floating Lotus Lantern.
  • Please click here for the optional extra Ghost Festival Dinner schedule.

Getting There

The Standard Meeting Point for Public, Private & Select Ghost Tours is outside exit 1 of Jing’an Temple Metro Station (line 2), on the corner of Huashan Road and West Nanjing Road (静安寺地铁站一号出口, 华山路四十号, 靠近南京西路).



(All prices in Chinese Renminbi per guest)

(2 hours)
(2.5 hours)
1 guest 1120 1320
2 guests 590 700
3 guests 410 490
4 or more guests 330 390

Tour Types

Private Tours can be scheduled for your group at any time you like.
VIP Tours are led by Newman Tours’ most experienced guides, and guarantee the provision of an iPad to enhance the content of your tour. They can start at any time you want, and feature exclusive content described in red italics under the Tour Schedule section of this page.
Terms & Conditions can be viewed here.

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What Our Guests Say

What the Media Says

“Raises the hairs on your neck”
Trista Baldwin, City Weekend

“Family-friendly and comprehensive”
Marta Cooper,

Ghost Tour Follow Up

Guests on the Ghost Tour will receive a follow up email featuring informative and entertaining links including the following:

  • Information on how to exorcise a ghost from your home
  • Find the best way to stop ghosts getting into your buildings
  • Famous ghosts in Chinese literature