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From 4,000-year-old bronzes used in live burials through to priceless Buddhist sculptures taken from the legendary Silk Road, the Shanghai Museum is one of the finest ancient art collections in China. However, without expert guidance it is difficult to appreciate the subtleties that differentiate one of its masterpieces from another.

This is where our expert guides come in. Armed with an extensive knowledge of Chinese art, they are able to help you get to grips with the history of China’s rich artistic heritage and ensure you get the most out of your Shanghai Museum experience.

Daniel Newman outside the Shanghai Museum
Daniel Newman outside the Shanghai Museum



  • Meet outside the North exit of the Shanghai Museum (201 People’s Square, near North Huangpi Road).

  • Hear a brief history of the collection as you go through the museum’s security checks.

  • Explore the museum’s ancient bronzes, learn about their mysterious animal motifs and hear the story of the curse of the enormous “Da Ke Ding” vessel.

  • Explore the museum’s sculpture collection and learn why the surname “Li” caused Buddhism so many problems during the Tang Dynasty.

  • Take a tour around the museum’s exquisite furniture collection and learn how to identify whether you have any priceless furniture that belonged to the Empress Dowager Cixi sitting in your living room.

  • Guests on the Select Shanghai Museum will also receive an exclusive introduction to the calligraphy section of the museum.

  • In addition, guests on the Select Shanghai Museum will also get the chance to try their hand at executing some calligraphy of their own.

  • Animal Motifs on Chinese Bronzes
    Animal Motifs on Chinese Bronzes

Getting There

The Standard Meeting Point for Public, Private & Select Shanghai Museum Tours is outside the North exit of the Shanghai Museum, 201 People’s Square, near North Huangpi Road (上海博物馆北出口, 人民大道210号, 上海市政府对面,靠近黄陂北路).

Shanghai Museum Meeting Point

Price (Chinese renminbi per person)

Shanghai Museum Tour Adults Children under 14
Private (2 hr) 360 290
Select (2.5 hr) 440 340

Tour Types

Public Tour availability can be seen by clicking here.

Private Tours can be scheduled for your group at any time you like.

Select Tours are led by Senior Newman Tours’ Guides, and guarantee the provision of an iPad to enhance the content of your tour. They can start at any time you want, and feature exclusive content described in italics in the Tour Schedule on this page.

Private and Select Tours require a minimum of 4 adult guests (or the financial equivalent thereof). Full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

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