Tailored Best of Xi’an Tour


Experience the unique culture and ancient history of Xian with one of our experienced native English speaking guides.

During this eight hour tour you will see the magnificent Terracotta Warriors and learn about the brilliant and yet tyrannical Emperor that commissioned them; visit a kiln and see how the Terracotta Warriors were made; choose from a range of delicious restaurants selected with Western tastes in mind; explore the city’s Muslim Quarter and Grand Mosque; and get a fantastic view of the city cycling around its ancient protective walls.

Only with Newman Tours will you gain a deeper understanding of this home to ten ancient dynasties.


  • Your native English speaking guide will collect you from a location in Xian of your choosing with a Chinese chauffeur and private vehicle with air-conditioning and seat-belts.
  • Drive to the site where the first Emperor of China is buried. On the way there your guide will set the scene by describing the Warring States era from which this tyrannical ruler emerged victorious.
  • Gasp with amazement when you first set eyes on the legendary Terracotta Warriors, and then hear your guide explain how and why they were made.
  • Examine the warriors more closely, and find out what incentives they were offered to ensure victory.
  • Whilst visiting the Terracotta Warriors, see one of China’s 64 national level treasures nearby, an object considered so valuable it is never allowed to leave the country.
  • See what the Terracotta Warriors originally looked like and conveying the incredible technical feats involved in their production.
  • Enjoy a delicious Chinese lunch at one of Newman Tours’ carefully selected restaurants, all of which have been chosen with Western tastes in mind.
  • Explore Xian’s Muslim quarter and visit its Grand Mosque. In doing so you will discover the city’s historical connections to the famous Silk Road.
  • Walk or cycle around Xian’s ancient city walls, where your guide will explain whom they were intended to keep out, and what their unexpected consequences were.
  • Be driven to a finishing point of your choosing.
  • For optional extras please see below or click here for our Two Day Tailored Best of Xi’an Itinerary

Optional Extras and Alternatives

  • This tour is tailored to you, so you might like to replace some of the above itinerary with the following places:
  • The Shaanxi History Museum
  • The Big Goose Pagoda
  • The Beilin Museum (also known as the Forest of Steles Museum)
  • The Banpo Neolithic Village
  • The Daming Palace Site of the Tang Dynasty
  • The Small Goose Pagoda
  • The Xi’an Museum

Price (Chinese renminbi per person)

Best of Xi’an Tour Adults Children under 14
8 hours 1390 990

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