Xi’an City Wall Tour: Cycle the Ancient Capital’s Walls

Xi’an City Wall Tour: Cycle the Ancient Capital’s Walls


Xi’an’s city walls stand as some of the most impressive and best-preserved city walls in China, built by the Ming on a former Tang palace. Xi’an’s immense, ancient city walls are perhaps the best preserved city walls anywhere in China – and they’re certainly the best ones to cycle around! Built in the Ming Dynasty (in 1380) to keep out the vicious descendants of Genghis Khan, they’ve survived invasions, bombings, famines, and sieges and still stand here today.

There’s no better way to get to know Xi’an than to cycle, walk, or take a golfcart around the walls with Newman Tours – who’ll let you know how they were designed to keep out the enemy, and give you the gory and astonishing stories that have taken places on and around these walls in the centuries since they were made.

Xi'an City Wall Tandem Bike Ride
Enjoy a ride on bumpy 700 year-old bricks.


  • Come up with your own cunning plans to lay siege to the city, and see if you’d be outsmarted by ancient Chinese tactics. Would you fall victim to the devious ‘Turtle in a Net’ trick?
  • Race or take a leisurely ride round the wide city walls on your bike or tandem – whether admiring the views of the traditional Chinese gatehouses, or zooming down the ramps if you’re brave enough.
  • Smell the wafting incense and look down on the golden roofs of the Guangren Temple, learn why it was built, which Tibetan ruler it was built for, and why the Chinese didn’t find out his predecessor was dead until 16 years later.
  • Hear amusing, thought-provoking stories from the Xi’an wall and the area that surrounds it – from a gruesome meatball delicacy from 1900, to the legendary creepy man whose eyes came alive of their own accord to teach him a lesson, to the astonishing rise of the Ming dynasty from peasant poverty to imperial splendour.
  • Understand Xi’an’s meteoric rise by comparing the view of the modern city with your guide’s photos from only a hundred years ago. See for yourself what this development is making appear on the city walls…
  • Have a go at one of the locals’ past-times, and see if you can get the knack of foot shuttlecock.
  • Guests on the Select Version of the Xi’an City Wall Tour will be able to travel round the City Walls on the luxurious versions of the City Wall golfcart.
  • Xi'an City Wall Experts
    Ride your bike with the experts

Getting there

The Standard Meeting Point for Public, Private & Select Xi’an City Wall Tours is outside exit B of Bei Da Jie Metro Station (在北大街地铁站B口外面见面).


(All prices in Chinese Renminbi per guest)

(2 hours)
(2.5 hours)
1 guest 980 1320
2 guests 520 700
3 guests 360 490
4 or more guests 290 390

Tour Types

Private Tours can be scheduled for your group at any time you like.
VIP Tours are led by Newman Tours’ most experienced guides, and guarantee the provision of an iPad to enhance the content of your tour. They can start at any time you want, and feature exclusive content described in red italics under the Tour Schedule section of this page.
Terms & Conditions can be viewed here.

Xi'an City Wall cracks
Find out what was the unexpected devil behind these cracks.

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Media Reviews

“Newman Tours’ guides are not only highly knowledgeable about the city and its past, but also have the charisma to bring the incredible stories of the area to life.”
Alice Shaman, Shanghai Talk

“Plenty of fascinating historical information”
John Sunyer, Time Out

Xi'an City Wall gate
See for yourself how powerful Xi’an’s ancient defense system was.

City Wall Follow Up

Guests on the Xi’an City Wall Tour will receive a follow up email featuring informative and entertaining links including the following:

  • Xi’an City Wall history links that trace the way in which the Imperial Capital evolved.
  • Xi’an City Wall documentaries that further explore the city’s ancient fame.

Included Ticket Information

Dates  1st April to 31stOctober  1st November to March 31st
Entry Fee (RMB) 54 54
Opening Hours Depending on entry gate Depending on entry gate